Beauty Leads the Way is a weekly Substack newsletter by Ashley Hales about beauty leading us toward a life of faith.

Ashley holds a PhD in English from the University of Edinburgh, is the co-founder of The Willowbrae Institute, the author of Finding Holy in the Suburbs and A Spacious Life, and hosts a podcast. She speaks, writes, and researches around questions of cultural and spiritual formation.

You can follow up with Ashley at her website.

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I’ve always noticed patterns — from motifs in a novel, to cultural shifts. At Beauty Leads the Way, I want to chronicle those patterns, connect the dots between how we live and what we believe and how we act. But I want to move beyond analysis too — to provide hope and beauty along the way in a life of faith.

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You can find out more about Ashley, The Cartographers Podcast, and her books, including A Spacious Life, at her website.

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Writing about the renewing work of Christian imagination, culture, and practice.


PhD, author, producer, cofounder of Willowbrae Institute, a think tank on the intersection of Christianity and the common good.